We provide a platform to the trading community in Zug (and surrounding areas) to

  • Address the outside Challenges (lawmakers/ media/ regulators/ politics/ public)
  • Foster education, research and business interest
  • Providing a networking platform for newcomers and established companies
  • ZCA members will benefit from focused relationship with authorities and with other lobbying groups, and attain relevant information, education and research
  • ZCA will build a suitable platform for social interaction


Internal networking

  • Forum to exchange ideas and experiences – Information events
  • Social events
  • Contact information


External networking (lobbying)

  • Represent members towards authorities and politician’s
  • Keep and improve Zug as a preferred location for Commodity Trading
  • Represent interest on a federal Level (with GTSA and LCTA)
  • Represent interest on a Level European (London Trade Association)
  • Help to define best practice of commodity business
  • Coordinates and answers questions from the media



  • Hands on
  • Information events on current issues – Promote education
  • Newsletters
  • Formalized with Hochschule Luzern – Wirtschaft / IFZ (and others) – Diploma courses
  • Bachelor
  • Master