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Zug Commodity Association (ZCA) is welcoming you.
ZCA was established in 2012 with the goal to bring training and education to the profession as well as being a source of information to the public, administration, and politicians.

Since 2012 the commodity industry has faced many developments and challenges from increased regulations in the areas of transparency, ESG (Environment Social Governance) to finance limitation by traditional banks.
There were very difficult years where producers and traders struggled, to years where markets boomed. These are the typical dynamics the industry needs to work with and around.
In more recent years, commodity producers and traders have taken on an important role in the “Energy Transition”. Many of the traditional commodities are needed to develop and aid the transition.

Our goal at ZCA remains the same as ever; have well educated staff, make our industry understood and bring prosperity and security to all areas we operate in.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you want to support us on that road or have suggestions for improvements.

Kind regards,

Gloria Frauenfelder

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